Training Classes & Oil Analysis Service

Normal tests
- Viscosity @ 400C
- Viscosity @ 1000C
- Flash Point
- Water Content
- Wear Metal Analysis
- Oxidation

Special tests
- Neutralization no.
- Total Insoluble
- Demulsification no.
- Total Oil Content
- pH
- Bacteria
- Fungus
- Fat
- Sulphur
- Chlorine
- Concentration

Training classes and oil analysis services are valuable components of maintenance and reliability programs in various industries, particularly in the context of equipment and machinery maintenance.

Training Classes:

Skill Enhancement

Training classes provide an opportunity for maintenance personnel and engineers to enhance their skills and knowledge in equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. This leads to more capable and efficient maintenance teams.

Proper training ensures that maintenance staff understand and adhere to safety procedures, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Equipment Performance
Well-trained personnel are better equipped to operate and maintain equipment effectively. This results in improved equipment performance, reduced downtime, and increased productivity.

Oil Analysis Service:

Predictive Maintenance
Oil analysis is a key component of predictive maintenance programs. By analyzing the condition of lubricating oil, maintenance teams can detect early signs of equipment wear and tear, allowing for timely intervention before catastrophic failures occur.

Reduced Downtime
Oil analysis helps identify issues in rotating machinery, such as excessive wear, contamination, or lubrication problems, before they lead to unplanned downtime. This minimizes production interruptions and associated costs.

Cost-Effective Maintenance
Regular oil analysis can extend the lifespan of equipment by identifying maintenance needs precisely when they arise. This targeted approach to maintenance reduces unnecessary repairs and component replacements.

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